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Engagement Case Study

Connecting Science and Engineering To Boost Business and Engagement

Inspired by my own networking and engagement experiences I set myself the challenge to create a positive wave which connected STEM companies and professionals; a forum that showcased talent and technology and enabled idea sharing and conversations. TechNite was born.

Inspiration All Around

It is a fact that bringing people together in an informal supportive atmosphere leads to fresh perspectives and positive connections. Technical professionals really benefit from this but don't do it enough. Everybody has stories to tell and people love to hear them; it's part of our culture. Technical organisations have many tales to tell which can inspire others and spark ideas; especially when shared by a real person.

Call To Action

Each of the TechNite events brought together representatives from cross-sector, cross-discipline organisations who made positive connections, shared ideas and celebrated their achievements through ‘ignite-style’ showcase presentations and informal networking.

I Am Human You Know!

One thing is true for many people, conversations with strangers can be a challenge and long presentations can drain even the most interested audience. Therefore, I designed TechNite events to mix informal networking with talks which...
Created shared history for all attendees to help break down barriers and spark conversations
Used 5-minute ‘ignite-style’ presentations; visual, fast-paced to inspire the audience and feed the desire to learn more

Development In Disguise

Speakers came with a range of presenting experience; their primary motivation to take part was linked to marketing their organisations. Using the ‘ignite-style’ approach, supported and coached by me where appropriate, also helped them to...
Put their technology in an accessible real-world context
Develop their ability to craft a story around their technology and enhance presentation and public engagement skills
Develop the ability to capture an audience’s imagination and change perspectives on different areas of technology
Learn and practice creative 'ignite-style' presentation format helping them to communicate in a more engaging way

TechNite Triumph

By sharing real-life technology and business stories in a fun, human and unpretentious way TechNite events inspired and connected over a hundred cross-sector technical organisations. The TechNite model helped business and technical professionals communicate more effectively as well as providing an environment that sparked ideas and created opportunities.

I enjoyed TechNite very much. It was great to meet such an interesting group and exchange ideas. I noticed a very different atmosphere to other gatherings, there was real open-mindedness and genuine intent to listen to ideas and offer help. I’m pleased to have connected with people who can complement each other’s work very well; it’s a great feeling.
Director, Consulting Firm





This was my first TechNite and ‘Ignite’ style talk….I have to say I wasn’t disappointed with either experience!! The event was upbeat and offered a great insight into diverse business experiences. It was a fantastic opportunity to network with and learn from like-minded people. Managing Director, Manufacturing Company
Managing Director, Manufacturing Company







Had a great evening sharing ideas and thoughts. I met new contacts who will be complementary to my business and should lead to enhanced growth and profitability. TechNite had a relaxed networking atmosphere.
Managing Director,  Manufactuing Company


Improving Technical Team Engagement

The approach and format developed for my TechNite initiative has achieved developmental and engagement successes across organisations, sectors and disciplines. Improving communication skills, encouraging respect and enabling idea sharing all positively impact technical team performance. Cross-functional group engagement increases understanding fosters relationships and helps build trust.

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